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Rneg/myway Europe+Morocco 2015-1


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Не нашел в поиске ничего похожего и решил поделиться может кому понадобится.






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На спам похоже  :sarcastic:

Это карта чтоль?

Да новая и рабочая сегодня проверил ;)

А это как устанавливать,правда на инглише но гугл транслит поможет если что.


How to Install 


To install the SDHC card :


1/ Please have a 16 GB SDHC card for size of 7,75 Go (8 328 351 744 bytes) that most of 8 GB cards not accepted.

2/ The format in fat32, file allocation size : 64KB.

3/ If necessary (can be dispensed), rename it to: FC30-3DA9 (the serial number of the card, not the name of volume) using "VolumeID" or simply "Hard Disk Serial Number Change ".

4/ Once the fichier.rar 6.05 GB (6,506,176,512 bytes) downloaded, select it, right-click the mouse, and to extract it directly to the root of the SDHC card. The Database folder is created automatically.

5/ Contact disconnected and radio turned off, insert the SDHC card in the drive of the vehicle.

6/ Turn on the radio, switch to navigation mode, the system loads the mapping.


If the system tells you that it does not recognize the card,

Go to "Setup", then press both buttons 1 +2 +3 to access the hidden menu. Enter "Settings", then "System Reset (Reboot)". The system reboots and the map appears on the screen.


Good road.

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